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Shenzhen LINKASON TECH Co., Ltd

Address:235# Shangnan Road,Shajing Town,Baoan District of the ShenZhen City China

Company Vision

Ensuring and strengthening the constant presence of LINKASON TECH CO., LTD; be available in the national and international market with a competitive price to the marketing of nonmetal mineral powder to customers on behalf of company. In the future;

1- To be integrated and competitive nonmetal mineral powder company with international projection and a high level of performance on the basis of best practices of corporate management.

2- To be always up to our commitments to the State, Society, Partners and our employees, ensuring the creation of value for shareholders.

3- To maximize our profits to support the company objective's development.

4- At LINKASON TECH CO., LTD, our vision is to provide our nonmetal mineral powder products customers with consistent, high-quality by unmatched technical support. Our technique are held to the strictest standards in the industry also management, and our sales team members come from industrial and management backgrounds - which means we’re able to offer the kinds of products and services that you need to make your business a success. We back all of our products with a knowledgeable and experienced sales team, all of whom have extensive selling backgrounds. They share your passion for high-quality service, and want to make sure that each production meets your every expectation.

5- We can provide our services to customers through our easy business process. Our customers simply their products to our location, and once services are completed. All payments are accepted to make the payment process safe, secure, and easy for both our customers and our business.

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Address:235# Shangnan Road,Shajing Town,Baoan District of the ShenZhen City China

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