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Our services at city link, we offer more than our different branches places (Shenzhen, Taicang, Chengdu, Foshan) arrange it as soon as possible. Whether you're sending a parcel down the road or around the globe, we've a solution for you. And that's not all we do. We also provide a range of time-critical and postal delivery solutions, as well as specialist services tailored to your exact needs. Whatever your distribution needs, we're your suitable partner.

1 -National customers

• Next day or during week deliveries to our customers wherever, whenever in China.

• When tomorrow is too late (Same day according to distance and the volume of the purchase order). The mainly transportations are by road, sea and train.

2 -International customers

• Export for your company? We could arrange it as following to your requirements.

• Send post and packets anywhere in the world.The mainly transportations are by sea and plane.

• From our professional service team, we can arrange the shipping schedule, shipping out and tracking the situation of the transport promptly. We turned to give the most thoughtful and the most exclusive service to our clients.


LINKASON TECH CO., LTD products are high-tech items, used on production lines requiring excellent materials and techniques availability for many years. To reach this goal, it is recommended to contact only the company customers’ management service and to use technical support for the entire lifetime of our products. LINKASON TECH CO., LTD worldwide service network provide customers with the required support and customers support resources. The company has approx a high qualified service customer’s managements operating in service centers located different branches, to be conveniently close to customers, not only in terms of techniques, but also in terms of business approach. Furthermore, LINKASON TECH CO., LTD customer service may provide customer support personnel with explanation and resources required to carry out the support tasks that better meet with customer's convenience.

      In order to offer our customers with the highest quality of after sales service available, we leaded the departments with the establishment of company headquarter in Shenzhen. These departments can provide consultations and respond to inquiries from customers regarding our products any working days in a year. This system has recently been adopted in Taicang, Chengdu and Foshan the company different branch, and in the future we intend to expand after sales services worldwide. To take full advantage of customer comments, we communicate the advice we receive from customers throughout the company and reflect it in the services we provide.

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Address:235# Shangnan Road,Shajing Town,Baoan District of the ShenZhen City China

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