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New inorganic flame retardant synergist LHX-999
1- Overview of halogen-free flame retardant LHX - 999 and USES
LHX-999 is a new halogen-free flame retardant additive with high quality and ultra fineness.It is made from silicon and magnesium mineral which is 600 meter deep under ground.Its surface treated by high technology.It is powder mineral material, researched and developed by the R&D center of our company and Qinghua University’s academician.

2- Main ingredient
MgO / SiO2 / etc.
3- Character
White powder, whiteness > 98%、average diameter 1.1um、burning loss ﹤5, high whiteness, high fineness, high purity, etc. 
Its large specific  surface area, have ultra fineparticle surface effect and bulk effect. No skin stimulation, No smell,No causticity.
Applicable to:PBT、ABS、PA、HIPS、PVC及PC+ABS Alloys.

4- Application
LHX999 can be used with halogen and antimony trioxide and the decomposition temperature is340 ℃. As the product has had
 a special surface treatment, the compatibility of plastic resin andadhesive strength is greatly improved, viscosity reduction 
effect is enchanced, the filling and reinforcement are increaseddipping the glass fiber are better; within flow evenly and
it will be easily for injection molding. It is used with Sb2O3, which can decrease Sb2O3 dosage, mechanics character rate >90%. Owe to LXH-999 high whiteness, manufacturers can decrease production cost through decreasing TiO2 dosage when they produce white color products.

                              Flame retardants LHX - 999 technical specifications

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