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The company economy and 2012 annual extension objectives, products, employees, society and environment aspects such as social responsibility practices and performance, embodies LINKASON TECH CO., LTD to promote the social economy, environment, coordinated and sustainable development become a good corporate citizen made a series of practice and work. LINKASON TECH CO., LTD will be the development strategy of the core concept of social responsibility in enterprises, at the same time of creating business value, enterprise citizen obligations. LINKASON TECH CO., LTD will systematically the corporate social responsibility management, and be included in the company's overall strategic planning, to fulfill the social responsibility as the focus of company to realize a sustainable development work, for this, LINKASON TECH CO., LTD  specially established a whole set of perfect corporate social responsibility management system.
      Spread social force feedback services, love! Since last year, the LINKASON TECH CO., LTD donated 500000 Yuan to Guangdong every year in poor areas of primary and secondary schools, at the same time please award-winning students are required to participate in service learning, service people, another donation of RMB 100000 Yuan a year scholarship, etc., these incentives help economic difficulties of students on campus at ease for school. In view of the effect is good, this year will increase the bonus amount range, need help more students, make students join the service learning different situation, let love play the biggest benefit. LINKASON TECH CO., LTD, General Manager to say "we are sure of mountain area teachers foster students, silently support you planned, belief, the author hopes that benefit students' academic success, with good character and contribution to their own feedback society”. Our company General Manager of carrying all the staff shares for Wenchuan and Ya 'An earthquakes, and the donations were nearly 500000.

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Address:235# Shangnan Road,Shajing Town,Baoan District of the ShenZhen City China

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