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Ca-Zn stabilizer lead salt substitute must solve the problem


Liquid calcium zinc stabilizer is calcium zinc organic salts, esters, polyols, solvents and other antioxidants and complex components. Liquid calcium zinc stabilizer with the resin and plasticizer compatibility, transparency, and not precipitation, less consumption, easy to use. The main disadvantage is poor lubrication, reduce the softening point of products, such as long-term storage will deteriorate.

The solid compound calcium - zinc stearate soap soap stabilizer, followed by a lauric acid and oleic acid soap soap. Products are characterized by good lubricity, rigid PVC products without reducing the softening point for rigid PVC pipe and profile processing.

The use of micro-emulsion technology has been and processed products are overcome these shortcomings were highlighted improved from two aspects: to improve the initial coloring, with a sufficient amount of zinc soap, using a chelating zinc chloride harmless, this As a high-zinc complex: to reduce the amount of zinc soap to inhibit zinc burning, initial coloring additives to change this practice become low zinc complexes. Not only widely used in soft products, thermal stability and transparency effects have been recognized, but also successfully applied to hardware products processing. In order to make the calcium / zinc system while maintaining a small initial coloring, and can inhibit zinc burn.

Generally only lead salts PVC particles attached to the surface, which acts hinder the integration of PVC particles, will be significantly delayed plasticized PVC to reduce friction between the particles, reducing shear within the PVC processing equipment to withstand lower loads. Large amount of lead salt, lead salt particles finer, more obvious secondary effect.

Traditional environmental products such as calcium zinc stabilizers in plastics process, because the electronegativity larger polar groups with acute node PVC resin has a certain affinity to form a strong bond can conjugate, thereby weakening or eliminating layers of ionic bonds attractive PVC, PVC segment is intertwined easily diffuse boundaries between molecular groups hour easy to promote plasticized PVC resin. This raises the resin feed zone section after plasticization, melt pressure rapidly increases, the melt viscosity decreases, the temperature rises, the plasticizing temperature is reduced. Also made the transition plastics resins.

Also, because the conventional PVC processing equipment for the use of lead salt stabilizer processing the service, even if a sufficient amount of lubricant can not prevent further plasticized resin for a sufficient time, and also destroyed the original balance of lubrication, Use PVC melt late in the consumption of a large number of segments homogenization heat stabilizers, they also reach the desired viscosity and elasticity to meet rigid PVC production. This is calcium zinc stabilizer lead salt substitute must be solved problems.


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