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Efficacy and role of talc


Talcum powder effect:

[Sexual flavor to the sweet, pale, cold. Go bladder, lung and stomach.

[Indications] diuretic Tonglin, heat and hot weather, dampness sore. For hot shower, Shilin, urine hot astringent pain, Shushi thirst, heat watery diarrhea; external treatment of eczema, eczema, prickly heat.

① "The Classic": the main body heat vent bleach, woman milk difficult, Longbitong, diuresis, cold and heat build-up finishes in the stomach, Yijing gas.

② "Do not record": through Jiuqiao six internal organs and body fluids, fate knot, thirst, it is of interest.

③ "medicinal theory": to treatment Wulin, the main dystocia, Chufan enthusiastic impatient, partial primary Shilin.

④ "Japan Hanako Materia Medica": cure mastitis, Lee fluid.

⑤ "Herbal Yan Yi Addendum": dampness, sub-channel, real colon, of food poisoning, OK toxins, by coagulation, Zaoke solution, fill the stomach, Firelight down to the drug.

⑥ "outline": cure jaundice, edema, beriberi, vomiting epistaxis, bleeding sores gold, such sores poison.

⑦ "Tong Xuan Materia Medica": Lee awakened addition to heat, clean triple burner, cool six House, of the heat.

⑧ "Materia Medica and then new": clear fire phlegm, dampness refreshing, pass through the blood, only Xie Li, vomiting, burning eliminate edema.

Talc role:

1, the protective effect of the skin and mucous membranes. Talc due to the small particle, a large total area, a large number of chemical irritants can suck or poisons, so when spreading in inflamed or damaged tissue surface, may have a role in protection; Oral except when protected inflamed gastrointestinal mucosa play antiemetic outside antidiarrheal effect, but also prevent poison absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. Talc is not entirely harmless, in the abdomen, rectal, vaginal, etc. can cause granuloma.

2, antibacterial effect. Plate method using culture medium containing 10% talc, typhoid and paratyphoid bacillus subtilis inhibited; rule only with paper meningococcal mild inhibitory effect.

3, treatment of postpartum shower. Fifty-two talc, through the grass, Plantago, ambrette each forty-two. The four taste, under the rule of the screen. Health Whey service Fangcun Bi, a little until dagger. ("Qian" talcum powder)

4, cure urination, pain stems, Ji Tong lower abdomen. Talc, Puhuang decile. Two flavor, under the rule of the screen. Wine eye Fangcun Bi, day three. ("Qian")

5, cure typhoid Nvxue. The end of the number of informal talc. Jatropha Wanru big meal. Each serving ten pills, micro-chewing broken, new water swallow. Just a lot of money at the end of treatment, a little rice, with chewing down to achieve rapid progress. Young and old may apply to service. ("Competent party" talc pill)

6, treatment no less violence was vomiting food. Health and talc fine two money dagger. Warm clothes, still anxious to hot surfaces Banzhan, fixed charge. ("Ben Cao Yan Yi")

7, bad governance toes. Twelve talc, gypsum (calcined) two and a half, a little dry alum. Doping research, but we also yin wet sweat. ("Set near Lake Jane")

8. Treatment of Infantile body prickly heat sores. At the end of a couple of talc, alum gray one or two, jujube leaves four ounces. Luo pound on the drug for the end. First with warm water slurry sore after deposition of medicine. ("Sheng Hui Fang" talcum powder)

9, heat treatment, such as sore bubble days. Talc, licorice powder (use this when half), it is divided into upper end of the paint and apply. Or add green beans at the end, in order to cure sore heat fat. ("Jing Yue Quan Shu" golden powder)

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