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Preparation of light stability of antimony trioxide


With the development of chemical fiber industry, the study of light stable sn o Preparation method of growing. E.g., antimony trioxide in a plasma oxidation method, antimony anode organs electrolysis method, sbcla permanent solution in EDTA hydrolysis method, and using the difference for antimonide active agent, such as CaCO. , CaSO etc. mile antimony halide salt or halide stick side. These methods can be obtained light resistance Sb O. However, some poor stability, some prices are too high, and some product separation difficult. In this study, cheap ligand with a urea hydrolysis SbCI were prepared for light stable sb o :. SbCI3 is used to soak the chloride manufacturing. "

Experimental results are as follows:

1. Preparation SbC1 soak chloride has the following advantages:

① reaction temperature in the sacral 16o ~ 8ooc (direct chlorination ho 400 ~ 600 ℃) a FgP can smoothly;

② greatly drag light tower corrosion reaction materials, such as stainless steel, the corrosion rate of 0.263 (direct depression of I.29); can be obtained relatively pure product (direct method reaction is difficult to control, it will entrain more SbC1.) hour production was 1l eg (direct enamel is 4 kg). 2. an x-ray to determine the sb z0. The crystal structure is directly related to light stability. Urea and antimony ions with antimony ion concentration in the solution can greatly decrease the equivalent of antimony ions results in a large number of weak alkaline hydrolysis in water, so that the new generation of sb 0 ample time stable cubic arranged.

The main impurities in two crystal containing equal amounts of both, the weight of the sample in a different light atmosphere around essentially the same, but the orthorhombic type in the light crystal transformation occurred. Although this transformation is not affected by the ambient atmosphere, but Wang wave irradiation have some influence on the conversion rate of 300 to 35,013,111 fastest conversion. Seems to think that after the close view of the light seen orthorhombic Sb 0 s yellowing phenomenon is orthorhombic and cubic product type mixed product of reflection.



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