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Inorganic powder / organic polymer composite material of high water absorption and retention


High water absorption and retention material is a new type of functional polymer materials, because of their superior absorbency and excellent water retention, has been applied to agriculture, forestry, horticulture, industrial, textile, medical, petrochemical, building materials, environmental protection, food and many areas of daily necessities, and plays an increasingly important role, with good market prospects.

Research on high absorption and retention of materials began in the 1980s, compared with other developed countries, both in product development and in terms of market applications are still at an early stage of exploration. Inorganic mineral powders / organic polymer composite material is a high absorption and retention in recent years, the development of super absorbent material in a water-holding great potential for development research. In this study, bentonite as inorganic materials, acrylic acid, acrylamide monomer for organic reactions, using an aqueous solution prepared by a bentonite / acrylic acid / acrylamide terpolymer high superabsorbent composite materials.

On the one hand, a simplified process and a high proportion of bentonite was added can effectively reduce the production cost, full use of inexpensive non-metallic minerals, expanding its application field. On the other hand, the addition of bentonite effectively improve the overall Superabsorbent materials. Through the study of the performance of the product discovery: water retention and gel strength after adding bentonite composite absorbent material has significantly improved salt resistance also increased. Infrared spectroscopy (IR), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X- ray diffraction (XRD), atomic absorption spectroscopy (AAS) and partial reflection microscope, advanced research methods to test for product analysis showed that products are being intercalated state composites, inorganic and organic phases compatibility, uniformly dispersed in the polymer matrix and bentonite with a certain effective combination.

Furthermore, the impact of product water absorption process conditions have also been explored, especially made a detailed study of the impact of adding bentonite composite absorbent material Performance. The results show that the physical and chemical properties of bentonite, particle size, mixing can have an impact on the amount of water-absorbing composite materials. To 200 mesh (mesh), smectite content of about 90% bentonite as raw material, the use of appropriate technology and parameters when adding monomer mass reached three times, making the organic monomer in the aqueous solution , you can still get a good water absorption integrated composite absorbent material. The bentonite / organic polymer composite absorbent material and soil compatibility, non-perishable, but also has good pressure retention, there are good prospects in terms of agriculture, forestry, environmental remediation and civil engineering.


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