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Ca-Zn composite heat stabilizer Cautions


Ca-Zn composite heat stabilizer in an efficient, high environmental protection is known, no smell, dispersion, mobility, stability, weather resistance, excellent transparency. At present, both sheet, profile processing or production areas of plastics, composite stabilizer have become integral. When you add calcium Zn heat stabilizer.

First need to consider the compatibility with the polymer is added between. If you add a composite stabilizer with the polymer to produce a certain combination reaction, eroding the additive effect but will be counterproductive. Compatibility between various plastics additives is also very important, not simply add a stabilizer during plastic processing, add to the attention of the role will occur between each other auxiliaries and additives.

Different plastics composite stabilizer for added performance, odor, stability, thermal performance and other characteristics make different demands in the operation should be done to analyze specific issues, choose the appropriate compound stabilizer. Also note that when you add another calcium zinc composite heat stabilizer moderation, too much or too little will not achieve the intended effect of stabilizing. Compound stabilizer effectively mixed with the resin to improve the uniformity of dispersion, improved production conditions so that production of products possible clean, simple supply and reserve the accessories, reducing the probability of measurement errors and losses arising.


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Address:235# Shangnan Road,Shajing Town,Baoan District of the ShenZhen City China

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