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What role talc?


Many newly renovated house man to walk on the floor in time will rattle ring, which is why? First, the problem is not widespread, not the quality of the wood flooring, which is the run of the new wood floor is not enough, more Caicai might like, of course, this time will be even better with a little talcum powder, then, talc to promote the run template. Next Shenzhen Joint Xin will introduce you to the role which the talc.

The main component of the talc hydrous magnesium silicate talc, lubricating, anti-stick, fire resistance, acid resistance, insulation resistance, high melting point, good gloss, strong adsorption and other fine features. Its role also covers a lot of aspects, such as medicine, food, paper, paints and cosmetics. Let Xiaobian to tell you in detail several aspects.

1. medicine and food:

Edible talc can be used for medicine, food industry additives. Non-toxic, odorless, taste soft features, edible talcum powder can be used, but long-term consumption or use of excess cancer risk. In addition to use as additives, talc also cure prickly heat effect, I believe many people have applied talc childhood experiences, but then we did not know it was talcum powder, only that it is lip. Of course, not all the ingredients lip fossil powder, but the main ingredient talc only.

2. Paper:

The talc for paper, also known as paper powder, with high brightness, size and stability, and low abrasiveness, use this pink paper create paper to achieve a smooth, delicate, saving efficacy of raw materials.

3. Makeup:

Can be used for a variety of soothing talcum powder, cosmetic powder, talcum powder, the applicator can be added to cosmetic talcum powder makes the skin look smoother. But in 1973, the US Food and Drug Administration on the drafting of a carcinogen is used to limit a number of resolutions of asbestos fibers in cosmetic grade talc. But still not made any official decisions, many of which are contained in the cosmetic talcum powder. Only a small amount of organic cosmetics is the use of natural plants to replace talc original ecological effect. If you are using cosmetics containing talc to restrict the frequency of use, if long-term use may cause harm to your body.

4. Promote the wooden floor of running:

In newly renovated house, walking on the wooden floor will rattle sound, this is the floor is running, this time using talcum powder can effectively promote the wooden floor of running.


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