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1- Classification and use of calcium carbonate

     Calcium carbonate is an important mineral product, widely used in plastics, rubber, paper, inks, paints, building materials and so on. Processing industry for the production of these materials mostly use filler in the process. Calcium carbonate is mainly of two kinds; one is made from natural limestone pulverized by mechanical pulverization with different fineness of calcium carbonate, which is called heavy calcium carbonate, with fine natural limestone quality. The second is through the selection of calcined limestone that has to be decomposed into calcium oxide (CaO), the addition of water (H2O) reacts with calcium oxide to form calcium hydroxide (Ca (OH)2), and then with carbon dioxide, carbonic acid is formed after precipitation known as light calcium carbonate. In addition to the mass of calcium carbonate light calcium carbonate from natural taste decisions, the conditions and the classification of chemical reactions such as the fineness is also very important factors. Current industrial productions of heavy calcium carbonate are mainly of two kinds, one kind is dry and the other is wet. Dry products can be widely used in rubber, plastics, paint and other industries. The wet process is used in the paper production industry, and the general product slurry product is sold to paper mills.

2- The main purpose of calcium carbonate

     Rubber Industry: Calcium carbonate is used in the rubber industry as one of the largest filler. The large numbers of calcium carbonate rubber filler, increases the volume of its products, and save expensive on natural rubber, thereby greatly reducing costs. Calcium carbonate filled rubber, rubber vulcanized can be obtained higher than pure tensile strength, tear strength and abrasion resistance.
Plastics Industry: Calcium carbonate in the plastics can serve as a skeleton; the dimensional stability of the plastic products plays a significant role, but also improves the hardness and improves product surface gloss and surface smoothness. Because calcium carbonate whiteness above 90%, but also replace expensive white pigments.
Paint Industry: calcium carbonate in an amount in the paint industry is large, as in an amount of paint thickener than 30%.
Waterborne coatings industry: calcium carbonate in the use of water-based coatings industry more widely, make paint does not settle easily dispersed, good gloss and other characteristics, in the amount of 20-60% water-based paint. In addition, calcium carbonate important role in the paper industry, to ensure the strength and whiteness of paper, and low cost. In the cable industry products, insulation can play a role.


3- The performance and technical parameters of calcium carbonate

Test item / unit










The average particle sizeum um




Bulk density




Through Rate


Oil Absorption 0.6
Moisture 0.2

This product has been SGS inspection certificate, ROHS and SONY environmental requirements.

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